the new generation of the minivan is leaked in these photos

After 10 years the Toyota Avanza is renewed. It will incorporate a modular front-wheel drive platform and state-of-the-art elements.

Since its launch in 2011, the Toyota Avanza has successfully positioned itself in the Mexican market. Over the years it has received various equipment and body updates. However, it was until now that the Japanese house made the decision to show a new generation.

The popular model has stood out among buyers for being a minivan affordable, taking into account your spaciousness, comfort and economy when it comes to maintaining it. Which translates into a good balance for Toyota and the Avanza, which now awaits a new life.

The news leaked from Indonesia, And although Toyota has yet to release official information from the get moving, it is believed that it is almost ready for its launching. That may possibly be accompanied with the generational change of the Daihatsu Xenia, from the same family.

Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza

Advance 2022: general details

Just look at both generations of the Toyota get moving to notice that it is a completely different truck. Follow being classic, yes, but the new details give it a more modern air. Taking some elements seen on the RAV4 and Corolla Cross.

Regarding the bodywork, there is a trapezoidal grill, Slim triangle-shaped LED headlights with skulls spanning the width of the vehicle. Inside, a touch screen 9-inch, which would include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay plus a three-spoke steering wheel and start button the motor.

A significant change for the Toyota Avanza, is that it leaves the old rear-wheel drive platform, to join the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA). In which the Toyota Raize is also supported, with which it is possible to share very similar engines.

So, inside the Toyota Avanza, and its variant ‘Veloz’, there may be a motor of 1.2 liters with 88 HP and 83 of torque. Or, an engine three cylinders turbo with 1.0 liter and 98 HP plus 103 of torque. Preserving the automatic transmission of four changes.

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