The Mexican Kenia sent Vinicius to the friendzone; he perseveres

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Inside the court is becoming in one of the Real Madrid’s most important footballers but outside of it lives a very different party, and that is Vinicius Jr, in appearance, try to conquer the Mexican Kenia Os, who repeatedly He has sent it to the friendzone.

Vinicius Jr and Kenya They have starred you videos and photos in social networks where dandthey show the good relationship they have, but some details of the Brazilian suggest that he wants to conquer the Mexican; so far none of that has worked.

Vinicius’s last great gift

On social networks circulated a video where is the huge gift that Vinicius Jr sent to Kenya Os, and it is that a rose arrangement that the Mexican boasted on social networks, along with the song ‘Yonaguni’ by Bad Bunny, which for many means nothing, but for others ‘the lyrics say he wants it too.’

The video made viral so much for him detail What for the ‘perseverance’ of Vinicius Jr when trying to link Kenya Os, which we repeat, it is not known if that is actually his intention, but at least Internet users believe that the interest is noticeable.

Kenya sent the footballer to the friendzone

Yes OK Vinicius Jr has had many details with Kenia Os, she repeatedly has made it clear to his followers that they are just friends, denying that they are in a relationship although accepting that they get along very well.

“I have like a thousand questions about this lol … No, we are friends, he is super cute with me and he is an incredible person. We had so much fun together, we are both crazy, but only friends people “He wrote on his social networks.


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