Solari compared the Liguilla system with that of the Champions League

Santiago Solari, technical director of America, compared the system of League with the Champions League and he assured that it is a format that adds many elements to the tournament.

“Especially to the big teams, the format of the Mexican League gives a point of curiosity, which is special, which generates great expectations at the end of the seasons, due to the Liguillas system that follows the regular phase. It’s like place a Champions After having placed a league tournament and that of course adds many elements to the debate, to the passion of the people and to the analyzes, it is very interesting, the format changes, in the United States a similar format is played. “

“It is an extremely competitive tournament with very deep squads, not to mention that of Monterrey, that of Tigers, that of Lion, that of Saints, many of them, that of Atlas; That does not mean that we are not going to fight and do our best to reach another final and seek the title. I am fully aware of how the format is and I am also fully aware of the work that the work has done until today and from that I do not take an inch of merit from the footballers, “he mentioned in an interview with Mr. Chip.

Solari before a game with the Eagles

Similarly, the Argentine revealed that they are already planning the next tournament, in addition to not being seen outside of Coapa, as he still has a contract.

“It is not something that I consider at this moment (his future outside the America), because we are focused on this tournament that restarts with the Liguilla

“We are practically planning next semester even though we have this phase that we are facing now. We cannot lose sight of the next semester or next year. I still have a year and a half left on my contract, so my head is set on Mexico and in the America“he added.



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