Ruggeri: In the Mexico Draft you went to the bathroom and they put your team together

Until not long ago in Mexico one of the most humiliating soccer practices such as the Draft, a day in which managers and coaches met in Cancun to trade footballers as merchandise while the ball professionals – many times – were sitting on the steps of the host hotel waiting to know their future.

Oscar Ruggeri, who in Mexico directed Chivas, América and Tecos at the beginning of this century, was surprised by the transfer system in which the player was never free to contract with whomever he wanted or to decide whether or not he wanted to join a certain club. He even recalled that the managers wanted to assemble the teams for the technicians.

You can’t go to the bathroom, you go to the bathroom, you come back and they already put together your team. But that’s not all because you were there all day, from morning to night. Unless you bought all of yours you retire, but you would go out and you saw the players at the door waiting to find out who had bought them “, said the World Champion in 1986 with Argentina.

In the draft they finish you off, because they put all the transferable and if there is one that is not transferable you go to the table of their team, for example, Cruz Azul, and talk to them, “he added in the program ESPN Futbol90.

Ruggeri’s anecdote with Chivas in the Draft

The first adventure as coach of Cabezón in Mexican soccer was with him Club Deportivo Guadalajara between 2001 and 2002, therefore, was a participant in the Draft and he told his fellow panelists that there was a specific player who asked the owner of the club to negotiate, whose description would fit with Israel López, signed by Chivas in 2001.

“I got the Draft in Mexico. I directed Chivas and next to me was the president of the team, a millionaireMoreover, to say a millionaire is poor compared to what he was. America, Cruz Azul, all the teams were at all the tables. On one screen they would put all the available players with a base price, “he said.

In that Draft I went to look for a hitch that played very well, little boy but played very well. I couldn’t hire foreigners in Chivas, suddenly the player I wanted appears on the screen, but the president didn’t even look. I knew that La Volpe loved him and that was when I jumped at the president and said: ‘Why did you come here? He turns his back on the screen and that’s the only player I want. ‘ Then the president got up and closed the businessWhen he stood up they all sat down, “he added.


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