Ricardo Pepi and other players who rejected the Mexican National Team

Ricardo Pepi reminds other players who said no to the Mexican National Team, and opted for other representatives

The Mexican-American striker Ricardo Pepi decided to play for the United States team and explained that it is because the country has given him a home together with his family, as well as the possibilities of achieving his dreams, however.

“So far, I think I have made the right decision. The United States Federation has always been there to support me, since I was 13 or 14 years old. They have given me the opportunity to be where I am today. I think it was the best decision, “said Ricardo Pepi, striker for the US team.

ESPN Digital presents some cases of athletes with a Mexican passport who have chosen to defend other colors internationally.

Born in Durango, Mexico, of Argentine parents and with Spanish nationality, Rosemary, who is currently active in LazioHe decided to play for the South American country, where his family is from.

The lateral defender who went through several Liga MX teams such as Xolos, Tigres, América and Monterrey; in 2009 he rejected the Mexican team and decided to play for the United States due to his dual nationality, he was even champion of the Gold Cup in 2013 with the Stars and Stripes team.

The Mexican archer also has English and Spanish nationalities; It was for the last one that he decided to play internationally when he was called up by the U21 squad.

With Chilean and American nationality, the forward who plays for Porto B decided to move from the Mexican team and play with the United States, where he was already a participant in the 2019 U-20 World Cup in Poland.

Gibrán Lajud’s brother, a Tijuana goalkeeper, has Lebanese nationality and has even gone to play in that country, which he can represent without any problem.

The former footballer from Puebla, Toluca, Lobos BUAP, among others, is of Lebanese descent and had the invitation to command said team to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The attacker took up the challenge and will play with Lebanon in the following years.

The goalkeeper is currently without a team and after carrying out a process in the lower teams of the Tricolor, in 2019 he decided to wear the uniform of the stars and stripes.

Martin Vasquez

The midfielder was a pioneer in the change of selection, since after playing friendlies with Mexico under the command of César Luis Menotti, the Mexican-American decided to play for the United States, a shirt that he defended until the end of his career as a professional footballer.

The goalkeeper has American nationality and opted for that selection, despite the fact that he played several games with the Tricolor shirt. It was in 2015 when he decided to change his team to represent.

The Necaxa midfielder has American nationality and since childhood he decided to play for the American team, despite the fact that his father, Fernando Arce, was selected from Mexico.


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