Purchases with Liverpool, Sears and Sanborns cards in El Buen Fin will not enter the SAT draw – El Financiero

The Buen Fin discount campaign starts this November 10 and will be in force until the 16 of this month, period in which the Tax Administration Service (SAT) promised a purse of 400 million pesos those who use their bank cards, although those of the departmental chains will not be participating among these.

“Unfortunately they are not yet part of the tax draw coordinated by the SAT, we have been insisting for several years. We have this pending, we hope that by next year we will achieve it, “said Manuel Cardona, director of Government Relations of the National Association of Self-service and Department Stores (ANTAD).

He added that they work in a mechanism to be able to deliver the information that the SAT requires of the transactions, just as banking institutions do.

On average, for ANTAD members, the income from their means of payment, such as their credit cards, contributes 15 percent of their sales.

Just to mention one example, for El Puerto de Liverpool with its Liverpool and Suburbia chains, the sales of its credit offer represent 47 percent of its total income.

“El Buen Fin has proven that the majority of payments are still made with cash or debit card, which means that the over-indebtedness is marginal or of delays is really very little, and the sales that our associates achieve, just like us. We realize that the consumer is responsible ”, said Cardona in the framework of the conference ‘Perspectives of the economic reactivation towards El Buen Fin’ organized by the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (CONCANACO-Servytur) and the consulting firm MetabaseQ .

Of the 238.9 billion pesos that were sold in the 2020 Good End edition, 31.3 percent were with cash, 34.8 percent with credit cards, 28.5 percent with credit cards, 5.4 percent with chain cards, and 0.1 percent with Fonacot.

“The call is to make responsible, informed purchases based on real needs. Be cautious, the issue of inflation, we believe that we will have to wait to see its size and see the measures that will have to be taken by the end of the year ”, concluded Cardona.


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