Neither kershaw, nor Seager, Chris Taylor generates more interest

According to a report by MLB Network correspondent Jon Heyman, there is a former Dodgers element that has attracted more attention from the rest of those who came to the free agency. Although in the role Corey Seager or the veteran Clayton kershaw They should be the most valued in the free market, another of their colleagues is the one who has stood out the most due to the enormous interest it has generated.

We talk about the utility, Chris taylor, who due to his versatility on the pitch and the great year he had in Los Angeles in 2021, have made him the player with the most focus among the nine men who completed their last year of contract in the organization.

Although the Dodgers offered him the qualifying offer (US $ 18.4 million), it seems very difficult for him to accept it before trying free agency, since at 31 years of age, this could be his last chance to finalize a deal with long to medium or long term well paid.

This year Taylor finally knew what it’s like to play an All-Star Game, and although his numbers in the second half of the tournament declined markedly from the first, he never ceased to be a vital element for manager Dave Roberts and the Dodgers, until the last instance of the playoffs that they were playing.

Ismael Hernandez

Since I was a child, I have always been passionate about baseball and other sports, such as: football, American, boxing and basketball. My favorite MLB teams are the Dodgers and the Red Sox. My big dream is to one day attend a game at the mythical Fenway Park.

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