Luis Pérez and the scouting of El Tri players around the world

The scouting project you carry out National selection Not only does it focus on Mexican-American players as the sole objective to reach the Aztec national representatives, but the search goes further, since the focus is on other continents thanks to a very good work of visions, they begin to bear fruit.

Luis Pérez, DT of the Mexican National Team Sub 20, recognized that there are several programs to search for players in various countries who can play with El Tri, either by birth or by their roots, with the intention of always having the best representatives within the green team, in addition to identifying and feel that playing with El Tri is the best thing that can happen to you.

“I am convinced that as a project in the National Team we have given the best and everyone who comes from abroad arrives and is convinced by what they see as a project, they see the structure behind them. That is the conviction, beyond words we are giving facts so that in the end They come happy and happy to the National Team to represent the best country in the world, that’s what we want. “

“That when they put on the National Team shirt they feel that identity for the country, for the shirt and above all that their teammates are important, feeling happy, sheltered. In the end they will decide, but we more than talking, we are doing it with facts, that The best thing that can happen to them is to play with the National Team of Mexico”, Stated Luis Pérez in an interview with Mediotiempo.

The work of scouteo del Tri

In the world, there is talk of between 200 and 250 players who can wear green by birth or family ties, and that’s where Mexican analysts focus. This is how cases like that of Jordi Sada- Peace, striker with a Mexican father, a Spanish mother and born in England, who plays in the Crystal Palace Bottoms and who weeks ago came to a call from the Sub 18.

Marcelo Flores placeholder image, Canadian Sub 20 jewel by birth, but of a Mexican father, and who plays for Arsenal Sub 18, is another case of success in terms of the viewing that is done in the Mexican National Team, so there are more closely followed by Mexico.

“The National Team has a scouting department, in which it is not only scouted at the national level, but also internationally, thanks to various programs that are in place. Even if (the player) is selectable, people from the National Team can go to see games in person to see if the level is optimal and they can be an important player for the National Team, and in that aspect they are grateful, because it is not easy to have this area ”, recognized Pérez.

“It is an area that helps us a lot, in which they do it in a spectacular way, and with it we really have a pretty interesting scouting network in which we will try to ensure that each of those who can participate, if they have a level, they will be welcome “.

In this Sub 20 team, which debuts today in the Revelations Cup in Celaya in view of Colombia, the United States and Brazil, has several elements of dual nationality such as Flores, also Christian Torres, Antonio Leone and Jonathan Pérez, these last three play in the MLS, the first two are part of the structure of the LAFC and the last of Los Angeles Galaxy.

Luis took the position in the Tri Sub 20 only in September and will have a 2022 full of activity, since they will play for the World Cup qualification of the category and also for a place in the Paris Olympics 2024.


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