Lorena Cuéllar presents the Complex of Specialized Attention in Health and Well-being

  • It will have an investment of 238 million pesos; It will house the Hemodialysis and Ambulatory Surgery Units.

Governor Lorena Cuéllar Cisneros presented the Complex of Specialized Attention in Health and Wellbeing that is being built in San Matías Tepetomatitlán of the municipality of Apetatitlán, with an investment of 238 million pesos, which will be ready within the first 100 days of government.

The Hemodialysis and Ambulatory Surgery Units will operate in this complex, explained the head of the local Executive.

In the facilities of what will be the Medical Specialties Units (Unemes), the state president indicated that they are working energetically to deliver in the first 100 days of government the complex that will be vital for the health of the Tlaxcalans, an aspect that “should not be postpone, because taking care of the health of the Tlaxcalans will always be my priority and one of the strategic axes of my government ”.

He pointed out that after receiving the state with great lags in health and poor management of the pandemic generated by Covid-19, they looked for alternatives to respond to the needs of the population because “today Tlaxcala is the spearhead in Mexico, we will build in less than three months two units of medical specialties, the most modern and sustainable in the country. It will be a national benchmark and will have state-of-the-art equipment of the highest quality ”.

Cuéllar Cisneros said that the work represents direct benefits for citizens with avant-garde construction and in record time. “As I promised, we are going to transform the state and make it a national example, we are making a new health history for our state.”

In his opportunity, the head of the Secretariat of Infrastructure (SI), Alfonso Sánchez García emphasized that this Care Center will have two highly specialized medical units that will contribute to improving health care services for Tlaxcalans. “The construction of the Ambulatory Surgery Unit and the Hemodialysis Unit represents the important work of management and the commitment that our governor has to improve the health of the inhabitants.”

He added that the architectural and engineering project contemplates walls and ceilings of the latest generation industrialized technology that help reduce execution times and maintenance costs with a standard and guaranteed quality, in addition to being the first specialized care complex in sustainable health in the state, with a certification for saving energy, water and maintenance costs, which will be issued by the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank.

Sánchez García explained that the construction process of the two Unemes began on September 13 with the dirt, in weeks three and four they went to the foundation stage, slab assembly and casting, in weeks five and six the The subject of metallic structure and in these last weeks they will be subjects of the installation, so it is expected to deliver it equipped on December 10.

In turn, the head of the Ministry of Health (SESA), Rigoberto Zamudio Meneses said that this work is an example for the rest of the country, by advancing in specialized health care such as minimally invasive surgery and endoscopy, where An average of 3,000 endoscopic surgical procedures will be performed per year in pediatric and adult populations.

He explained that the Hemodialysis Unit will have 15 chairs, which will give the opportunity to carry out 13 thousand sessions per year, in addition to the equipment that will house the Minimally Invasive Surgery Unit are of the highest technology, at the level and quality of any private center from the country.

The work is carried out in two stages, the first is for infrastructure and equipment that will end on December 10, while the second will be launched with trained medical personnel at the end of January 2022, with a total investment of 238 million pesos in an area of ​​6 thousand 753 square meters,

where they will be able to attend not only patients from Tlaxcala but also from neighboring states.

The presentation of the project was also attended by the municipal president of Apetatitlán, Ángelo Gutiérrez Hernández. (Bulletin)


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