Aaron Rodgers reiterated his motives towards the vaccine, although he admitted deception

Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the Packers from Green bay says it supports what was said last week, about why he was not immunized against the Covid-19, but admits to having made misleading comments to some people about their vaccination status before testing positive.

Rodgers spoke on Tuesday in “The Pat McAfee Show“on YouTube and SiriusXM, four days after discussing their reasons for avoiding the vaccine on that same platform. Rodgers tested positive on Wednesday of last week and could not play on Sunday, in the defeat of the Packers 13-7 before Kansas city

The star remains in quarantine at his home in Green Bay.

“I shared my opinion, which is polarizing,” he said. Rodgers. “I get it. And I confused some people about my condition with my comments, which I take responsibility for. But in the end, I have to stick to who I am and what I stand for. I stand firm in what I said.”

At a press conference on August 26, Rodgers was asked if he was vaccinated. The quarterback responded by saying, “Yes, I’m immunized.”

Aaron Rodgers during a game with Green Bay

Rodgers had said Friday that it was seeking alternative treatments in lieu of the vaccines authorized by the NFL because he is allergic to an ingredient in Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, without specifying which.

The three-time MVP of the NFL He said he did not want the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after learning that many people had adverse reactions to it. Rodgers added that he was concerned about fertility problems if he received any of those three vaccines, despite the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and obstetric groups recommend giving the vaccines against Covid-19 even pregnant women.

“I made some comments that possibly some people found to be misleading,” he said. Rodgers. “For anyone who felt misled by those comments, I take full responsibility for it.”

Rodgers he did not specify which comments he was referring to. But about 20 minutes later he acknowledged that he may have misled some people about his condition regarding vaccination.

Vaccines against Covid-19 licensed for use in the United States were tested in hundreds of thousands of people and were found to be safe and effective in dramatically reducing the risk of serious illness and death. Cases of side reactions are extremely rare.

Rodgers emphasized the severity of the pandemic and its impact. During his appearance on Friday he spoke of “being in the sights of the awake crowd” and wanting to tell his side of the story “before the last nail is put in my coffin.”

Following his comments on Friday, Wisconsin-based Prevea Health announced that it ended its nine-year relationship with the quarterback, by mutual consent. The State Farm Company issued a statement Monday, saying it disagreed with certain comments from RodgersBut he respected her right to have her own opinion.



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