‘They took advantage of my illness’; Emilio Alonso and his departure from TV Azteca

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They were 30 years of history between Imevisión and TV Azteca for Don Emilio Fernando Alonso that allowed him to narrate 10 World Cups, 9 Olympic Games and 8 European Cups. Unfortunately, a health problem cut short what he calls “the best moment of his career”, erected as the stellar rapporteur above – at that time – a young Christian Martinoli and other talents.

In 2005, Don Emilio had a stroke. He was hospitalized for half a year and while the doctors doubted he would speak again, he overcame himself to return after 18 months to the football stories, although he perceived “changes” in the company.

Why did Emilio Fernando Alonso leave TV Azteca “

When he rejoined Aztec TV realized that “some colleagues” took advantage of their illness to move up in the hierarchical order and little by little felt relegated, until he asked to leave the canal to explore new opportunities.

“I was already 30 years old in Azteca and there were situations that I no longer liked. I spoke with the bosses and told them that I wanted to work, that it was the only way to repay how well they behaved with me, but They didn’t give me matches or they put me in Azteca América“, Alonso Rubín spoke in a talk with Toño de Valdés for his YouTube channel.

“They were already things that I didn’t like and there were colleagues who took advantage of my illness to consolidate And now they are very well, it was not about them being removed, but when I no longer had the opportunity, ESPN happened. “

Francisco Javier González extended his hand to Don Emilio

At ESPN he spent five years, but he did not feel completely full, so he explored new options and there he appeared an old acquaintance from the time of Los Protagonistas, Francisco Javier González, one of the strong men in TUDN.

“I knocked on doors with someone I’ve known for a long time as he is Francisco Javier González, the opportunity has opened and I am very happy at TUDN because it is a great company. I have met people who worked with my father, they all greet me with great respect and I even laugh at being called Don Emilio, “he said.


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