Piojo Herrera, the coach who has ‘done the most scoring champions’

It is no coincidence that a coach with fully offensive convictions like Miguel Herrera whoever has enjoyed more pupils like scoring champions in short tournaments.

The title in that area of ​​the Apertura 2021 was shared between Nicolás “Tooth” López, from Tigres, and German Berterame, from San Luis, both with 9 goals.

The fact that the Tooth obtained that achievement led the Louse to show off in his career to five forwards who in total have obtained seven network-breaking titles.

After 11 years Of many successes but also criticized for having a defensive style under the command of Tuca Ferretti, the Tigres were once again the team that was present the most times in the enemy networks, since was the top scorer with 26 goals, which were followed by the 23 de Santos.

A good part of that contribution came from Nico López, despite the fact that he missed four games of the season due to injury and an operation for appendicitis. It should be noted that the scoring title of this campaign has been one of the poorest, since only Raúl Ruidíaz in the Clausura 2017 was champion with so many goals, very far from the 29 achieved by José Cardozo in the Apertura 2002, the highest figure.

In any case, Nico López was the player number five of the Piojo to achieve such success, before other of his pupils won it: Luis Gabriel Rey (AP03 / Atlante), Guillermo Franco (AP04 / Rayados) and Christian benitez three times (CL12, AP12 and CL13 / America) as well as Dayro moreno (AP16 / Xolos).

The Uruguayan from UANL scored 9 goals, while Moreno turned 11, Besides that Benítez in his last two titles got 11 and 12 because in the first one he dispatched with 14 points. For its part, Guille and Luis Gabriel have been the most accurate of the Piojo with 15 goals in a tournament.

Now El Diente will have the opportunity to increase his number in Liguilla, although it will no longer count for the scoring title, when Tigres is played in the Quarter-Finals once they meet their rival through the Repechage that will be played within a couple of weekends, after the FIFA Date of national teams .


Herrera is the coach with the most goalscoring champions directed in short tournaments, as below is Enrique Meza with 5 and José Manuel “Chepo” de la Torre With 3.

The Ojitos had Jose Cardozo on a couple of occasions (VER98 and VER99 / Toluca), Emanuel Villa (AP09 / Cruz Azul), Enner Valencia (CL14 / Pachuca) and with Morelia in the Apertura 2016, because although he was dismissed, he led until Day 14 to be relieved by Roberto Hernández, when Raúl Ruidíaz achieved the title of individual scoring.

For his part, Chepo had Omar Bravo (CL07 / Chivas) now Hector Mancilla winning it twice (AP08 and CL09 / Toluca).


In short tournaments, Toluca is the team that has had the most scoring titles, with 11. Of these, 4 were from José Cardozo (VER98, VER99, AP02 and CL03), 1 from Bruno marioni (AP06), 2 of Hector Mancilla (AP08 and AP09), as well as 2 of Ivan alonso (AP11 and CL12), in addition to those who achieved Pablo Velazquez (AP13) and Alexis Canelo (CL21).

America is the team that follows the Devils, with 6: Cuauhtémoc Blanco (INV98), Kléber Boas (AP05), Ángel Reyna (CL11), Christian Benítez (CL12, AP12 and CL13).


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