Morena wants to ‘boycott’ consultation to revoke AMLO’s mandate – El Financiero

The cut of 4 thousand 913 million pesos to budget of the National Electoral Institute (INE), which outlines the Chamber of Deputies, reads like a “Boycott” against revocation of mandate and an attempt to “dynamite” the exercise, estimated the electoral councilor Ciro Murayama, in an interview with The financial.

“There is no institution of the Mexican State that can continue with its work with more than a quarter of the budget it needs, this decision would be cutting more than the 3 thousand 830 million pesos that are needed only for the revocation and would leave us with more than a billion less than the popular consultation ”, he said.

He recalled that this exercise is constitutional and requires a organization on the level of a federal election, with the installation of 160 thousand boxes.

“It is not an exercise that is done by the President’s supporters or detractors in cardboard boxes, that’s why the INE anticipated 3 thousand 830 million pesos and this clipping is really telling us is that someone wants to boycott, from the majority bench, the exercise of revocation of mandate”, He accused.

When questioned if it could be a revenge of Morena, after the appearance of Lorenzo Cordova, President Counselor, where the morenistas accused mockery, considered that it would be “regrettable”.

“If the way to charge Córdova for his decency is to undermine citizen rights, we are facing enormous nonsense,” he condemned.


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