Liga MX clubs pay more than 2.5 million pesos for yellow cards

Mexico City /

Little more than 2.5 million pesos is what the clubs of the MX League they will have to fork out to “clean” their players from the yellow cards and restart the count for the Final Phase of the Apertura 2021, as well as for the start of Closing 2022.

Cruz Azul is the most undisciplined club and will pay 177 thousand 408 pesos for the 44 yellow ones that the celestial ones accumulated; even, Pablo Aguilar saw the fifth yellow on this Day 17 and will miss the Repechage in view of Striped.

Follow him Toluca with an amount of 173 thousand 376 pesos for the 43 preventive cards. In fact, all five The teams that must pay the most are the Machine, the Devils, Guadalajara (161 thousand 208), Mazatlán (161 thousand 208) and Querétaro (153 thousand 216).

With just 27 yellows, Necaxa is the institution with the best cover and will only make a payment of 108 thousand 864 pesos. The total amount that Liga MX will receive at the end of this Regular Phase is 2 million 511 thousand 936 pesos, according to Sanctions Regulation 2020-2021 of the Mexican Soccer Federation in its article 16.

The payment system, stipulated in the Competition Regulations of Liga MX

“At the end of the Qualification Phase, and in order that the Players of the Clubs that play the Final Phase of the Tournament start without warnings, these will be canceled through the payment of a new extraordinary contribution of 45 UMAS for each yellow card that the Player has, whose concept will be the cancellation of the same ”, indicates the Regulation.

He also points out that in the Final Phase, the schools accumulate the yellow cards and once the campaign is over, the collection is made again.

“The warnings applied to the Players who participate in the Final Phase will also be cumulative and will be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of this article.”

Similarly, those players who received five reprimands, in addition to the suspension match they receive as punishment, must pay 5,400 pesos as a fine.

Who pays the fines? The club or the player?

There are clubs, like Tigers, who internally fine their players for yellow cards as revealed at the time Jurgen Damm, who specified that if the warning was for a football play or for the benefit of the team to cut the rival’s advance, the club is responsible for the fine and in these cases the player would not have to pay for said card.

Of course, if the referee’s warning to the player was for a claim or it is found that it was a reckless action of the player, in this case Damm was deducted the amount of 30 thousand pesos from his payroll.


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