Formula 1 is an event that only white people access: Estefanía Veloz

After the Grand Prix, where the Mexican “Checo Pérez” won third place, the television presenter, Stephanie Veloz, caused controversy because it expressed that the race, validated by the Formula 1 (F1), “It is an event that only white people have access to.”

It was through his Twitter account, that Stephanie Veloz he emphasized pigmentocracy, that is, in a “society ordered according to the skin color it represents”, taking Formula 1 as a case.

“I hold my opinion on Formula 1 and pigmentocracy. It is a frivolous event that only the country’s elite, which is obviously white, has access ”.

Stephanie Veloz

F1 fans do not remain silent and answer Estefanía Veloz

Given this, thousands of Formula 1 fans (F1) did not remain silent and answered the activist and lawyer, Stephanie Veloz, as they expressed that their comments “were out of place” due to the privileged position that she had.

“The privileged white daughter of daddy who since she was a child has lived as a princess without any deficiencies,” was one of the responses she received.

Notably Stephanie Veloz She was also pressured by this last point, since yesterday they questioned her consistency in terms of the officials she defends from the 4T, such as Mario Delgado, president of Morena, with whom she attended the event yesterday.

Chumel Torres tunde in networks to Estefanía Veloz for a photo with Mario Delgado in F1

It is important to mention that the Mexican comedian Chumel Torres, spread yesterday on social networks to Stephanie Veloz. This after publishing a photograph in which the presenter appears next to Mario Delgado.

“Pigmentocracia, they were right”, was the legend that accompanied the snapshot that contained the phrase “The 4T leading by example”.

The host of “Pulse of the Republic” shared the photo after the responses of Estefanía Veloz, in which points out that “it is a cold event because the pigmentocracy is privileged”, which contradicts the position, since it was presented in the race.

The lawyer was also criticized a few years ago after generating a debate during the program “Punto y Contrapunto”.

This is because in the Foro TV program he became controversial for using the term “pigmentocracy” in the return of the Formula 1 to the country.

“Yes, it is a fifi activity because of the cost of the tickets. Formula 1 is an event to congregate among the upper class that can afford that ”.

Stephanie Veloz


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