Faced with a rebound in the economy, Mexico’s growth potential is diminished: CMN

The potential of growth and ability to attract investment on Mexico are depleted by the rhetoric that is registered, warned the president of the Mexican Business Council (CMN), Antonio del Valle Perochena.

He said that even though for now we have a economic reactivation As a result of the rebound, the recovery needs to be sustained.

In his speech, during the event CREO MX2021Del Valle affirmed that the pandemic brought challenges and also opportunities, where consumption and exports were essential for macroeconomic stability and “everything indicates that these conditions will remain.”

For Del Valle, despite the rebound in the economy “rhetoric and actions do affect, so the true potential of Mexico is diminished.”

He commented that we should take advantage of the current situation, which should be favorable for the country, above all because “we observe a growing spirit of the international investors diversify exposure to Chinese risk, favored by technological changes due to technological competence, but above all…. for those economic and social problems ”.

He stated that entrepreneurship in Mexico will be essential to achieve sustained growth and added that in a global report on entrepreneurship it was found that despite the pandemic in 2020, 90% of the mexicans He said he was interested in starting his own business, 33 points more than the average of the rest of the countries globally.

“MSMEs have the ability to react”

In this regard, the president of the Business Coordinating Council, Carlos Salazar, said that micro, small and medium-sized companies (MSMEs) have the capacity to react and put to the test all the capacities that they have gained in the pandemic and that allowed them to overcome these moments.

He commented that many micro and small companies managed to overcome the health and economic crisis, “However, even with all the effort, unfortunately many SMEs did not have the same luck and had to close.”

For his part, the director of Bancomext, Juan Pablo de Botton, He stated that “the reactivation that is consolidated in the short term is very important, but also to support projects that generate quality employment and with high productivity that can be a benefit for entrepreneurs and for the people who develop together with the business, it is a way in which services such as education and health can be complemented ”.

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