Estefanía Veloz criticizes Formula 1; “it is frivolous and elitist,” she says

Mexico City /

Estefanía Veloz, feminist activist, lawyer and former Morena activist, criticized the attendees of the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix, at consider it a frivolous event, which caused the annoyance of several users of social networks.

In her Twitter account, the also television host and political analyst stated that the Formula 1 event it only gives access to the country’s upper class, “which is obviously white”.

“I hold my opinion on Formula 1 and the pigmentocracy. It is a frivolous event that only the elite of the country which is evidently white has access,” he wrote.

In the same publication, users of social networks answered that several of them went to the event and do not belong to the upper class or are white, while others showed them Mario Delgado, the national president of Morena, at the event.

While others indicated that their comment was correct and several more assured that the event was boring.



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