Cristiano and Bruno would have rebelled against Solskjaer; they want it out

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It seems that situation that lives Olé Gunnar Solskjaer at Manchester United is already unsustainable. The recent defeats to Liverpool and Manchester City would have ended the patience of some players, as it is reported that Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes among some others, already they rebelled against the Norwegian.

Solskjaer would have the days counted at Manchester United, as it is said that the directive will no longer hold it until the end of the season as was believed, since they need to raise the level soon before lose Many points on the Premier League or they don’t go far in the Champions League.

Who spoke out against Solskjaer?

According to information from the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’, players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes and Donny Van de Beek have started a revolution against the Norwegian, because they expressed badly of him.

Cristiano Ronaldoreportedly would be very worried for the recent loss of game that Manchester United is having, Since a few weeks to date they are not ‘playing anything’ and that is reflected in the loss of points and more elements.

Bruno fernandes would support Cristiano after stating that Solskjaer’s scheme is not at all adequate, since their strategies are not working and therefore the results are not given to them.

Van de beek I would have commented that there is favoritism within Manchester United, because beyond the fact that he ‘is erased’, he believes that players like Harry maguire, who is not living the best moment of his career, get more minutes than you deserve, in addition to other players.

All these critics have caused a great commotion, then the only solution would be for the ManU to fire Solskjaer, something that could happen soon if they don’t lift. The option A to do it was Antonio Conte, but he is already at Tottenham; Zinedine Zidane Would be his next alternative.


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