Controversy! Roger has a penalty annulled that ‘Cabecita’ was validated

The weekend America was affected in the goal that could have been the victory against Rayados.

America no, Cruz Azul yes! Arbitration controversy in identical penalties

By: Raul Garrido

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TO Roger Martinez

They annulled the penalty goal that would have given America the victory over Rayados and generated a lot of controversy and annoyance in Americanism since they remembered the goal of ‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez last year that did rise to the scoreboard.

The holder of the Arbitration Commission, Arturo Brizio, assured in a talk with TUDN at the time that the Cabecita prison was well validated and he gave an explanation of why it was good for it to be validated:

“It is a play in which, what is prohibited in the rule is to make two touches, put the ball in play and then touch it again and for the second touch to be illegal, it is ensured that the ball is in play and in a penalty the ball will be in play once it has been touched by the player and moves clearly “.

The weekend penalty is the same as Cabecita’s a little over a year ago, but the VAR he had a different criterion when judging two touches by the same player and annulling the goal to the detriment of Americanism.

They cancel it! Double touch of Roger Martínez at the moment of slipping


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