Canelo Álvarez will never be the best Mexican boxer: Dinamita Márquez

Juan Manuel “Dynamite” Márquez assured that Canelo Alvarez will not come to be the best Mexican boxer in history until you face rivals on an equal footing and really show that you are at the top of a school full of great world champions that you head Julio Cesar Chavez.

The former capitalist, who has had friction with Canelo since the beginning of his career, made clear the reason for his appreciation, with an emphasis on the clauses that he usually puts his rivals in negotiations, since with that he shows that he does not fight in equal circumstances.

“Can Canelo Álvarez become the best Mexican boxer in history?” Dinamita was questioned on the YouTube channel of Deplaymaker, to which he clearly replied that it could not be so.

No no noWhy? I’m going to say it: there are many fighters who win the world championships as I did and as several did, that is, fighting against the best and without putting rehydration clauses to rivals, without diminishing them and without telling them ‘you have to do this,’ “he said.

It is plausible what you are doing financially, is good, but already put, for example, clauses such as rehydration, that if you gain so many pounds you will have a fine and I think that is not fair for the fighter … You have to do it under equal circumstances to know what level I have reached as a fighter, see at what level I am and know if I am worthy.

“Are there no opportunities for him to be there,” insisted the interviewer, to which again a negative response, since Mexican boxing is full of great figures who won championships under equal circumstances.

“If you look at the history of Mexican boxing, it is very rich, it has a lot, you can’t say that Canelo can be the best ever when we have seen the best, Chávez, for example, those who have faced the best of the best, to those who have not had support in any way, of any kind “.

Canelo challenged him and Márquez did not want to

At the beginning of his career, the irreverent Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez dared to challenge Juan Manuel Márquez, Although he never had a positive response, as he was a budding boxer; Dynamite, who was a preponderant figure, pointed out the difference in weights and that he would only take risks for something really important.


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