Briseida’s controversial statements to Gabriela

Last night, there was one of the most controversial eliminations of

Exatlon Mexico
, because to the surprise of many Briseida Acosta was eliminated from week 12.

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This exit occurred at a time of great tension and conflict between the members of the red team; even for many it was unfair.

After dueling against Paulina Martinez and Gabriela espinosa, the Mexican Olympian had to say goodbye to the beaches of Dominican Republic.

An elimination that even for the highest authority, Antonio Rosique, was premature in declaring that it was not yet her time to leave.

After the controversial removal of Briseida Acosta, things for the red team got very tense, as the great athlete refused to give a hug to Gabriela.

In addition, one of the most affected by the result was Paulina Martinez, who could not contain his anger and sadness at the elimination of his friend, so he exploded and said that it should not have happened that way.

While, Briseida told Paulina that he should keep going and that he had to fight to stay in the competition.

That’s the way things are, do we fight yes or no? Keep fighting, nothing happens. I am going quiet. Obviously she is no match for us, but what do I do? Everything is defined in the shot

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Thereafter, Paulina approached Gabriela and offered an apology for his reaction to the removal of Briseida.


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