Bomb! Cristiano Ronaldo would have already asked to leave Manchester United

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The situation what does he live Manchester United is becoming more and more ‘gray’ and it is that the players have not only revealed themselves against Solskjaer, but now it was revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo, brand new summer signing, I would have already asked to leave the club.

Apparently the expectations that Cristiano Ronaldo had from Manchester United for this season they were older, but the recent setbacks against Manchester City and Liverpool, in addition to the game drop, they would have forced him to put to team one condition for not to leave in the summer of 2022.

What condition did Cristiano put on United?

According to the British newspaper ‘Daily Express’, Cristiano Ronaldo already put his virtual departure on the Manchester United table, which would not take effect if the club begins to respond from now on.

Cristian it would have conditioned Manchester United; if they reach play the Europa League or worse than that, they do not enter European competitions, he leaves, since its mission to always be within the Champions League.

“It is not entirely ruled out that Ronaldo fulfills his threat to leave the club at the end of the season if you see that United play in the Europa League, which considers the 2nd division of Europe, next year, “wrote the British newspaper.

Although they got off to a good start in the Premier League, today the Manchester United is out of Champions League positions, since they are in the sixth position with 17 units, 9 points from the leader and 5 from the last UCL site.

Despite the current ManU, Cristiano Ronaldo has been the most constant and decisive player so far this season, well yesour goals have kept the team alive in this Champions League and they have given points in the Premier League, so if they left, it would be a sensible loss.


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