Will we have another ‘decaf’ ending in Abu Dhabi?

Max Verstappen already has a 19-point lead over Lewis Hamilton

Red Bull tends to do well in Brazil; Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the unknowns

Max Verstappen achieved an impressive victory in the 2021 F1 Mexican GP and increased his World Championship lead to 19 points over a Lewis Hamilton who was only able to minimize damage with a second place. Will we get to Abu Dhabi with the championship open?

We now only have four Grand Prix ahead – Brazil, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi – and Honda engines today gave a recital with three of them among the four best classified – Tsunoda, who came out behind due to suspension, is the only one who has had no luck.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull are ‘on fire’ with two consecutive victories. The Dutchman has notched up nine wins out of a possible 18 this year and Lewis Hamilton is already almost at the limit of having a GP disadvantage in the form of points – if Max wins in Brazil, the advantage could exceed that limit.

The truth is that both Red Bull and AlphaTauri –the ones powered by Honda– have flown at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez… and next week they will be in Brazil, where altitude can also play its role –although it is not as decisive as in Mexico–.

The Interlagos circuit is usually well adjusted to the characteristics of Red Bull, not in vain they won there in 2019 – the last time F1 was there – and they could have done it in 2018 as well … if not for that famous incident between Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon.

That is to say, unless Mercedes pulls something out of the hat, Max Verstappen could once again increase his advantage at the head of the World Championship when there would only be three Grand Prix to go … and before facing the two unknowns of the season – Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

We also have to remember that the star brand has reliability problems this year and they have not yet ruled out mounting a fifth engine in the case of Lewis Hamilton, which would lead to a new sanction that could be devastating in a World Cup key.

In the constructors’ contest the battle has also been tightened, as Red Bull has chained two very good results in the United States and Mexico to close the gap with respect to Mercedes and leave it in a single point. The fight for the titles, red hot!

Max Verstappen himself admitted after the Mexico race that the championship “looks good”, although “there is a lot ahead” and “everything can change quickly”.

It is true that everything can change very quickly, and we even have to remember that Brazil will be a ‘sprint’ … and in the previous two there were ‘problems’. But, given the performance of Max and Red Bull in recent races, it is not a utopia to think that they can reach Abu Dhabi with the Drivers’ Championship decided. Will we have a decaffeinated finish?

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