Verstappen slowed down to prevent Bottas from making the fastest lap

The Red Bull one obstructed him when he was going to unfold

Max lost the fastest lap to Valtteri on the last lap

The war for the World Cup between Red Bull and Mercedes is going further and further. The last episode is that of Mexico, when Mercedes called Bottas, out of the points, to the pits to make the fastest lap of the race and snatch the extra point.

More than to score points, the intention of Brackley’s was to subtract Red Bull. One point less is one point more, and from the wall they reported it and warned Verstappen. The Dutchman was ahead of a Bottas with a lost lap and fast as a rocket, so he proceeded to unfold to achieve that fast lap.

Mindful of this, Max deliberately slowed down the lacing to waste time for Bottas. Max lost up to three seconds just to get in the way of Bottas- A tough, legal, but effective maneuver.

The Finn lost performance on his soft tire, and the next lap was unsuccessful. The soft was fading very quickly, with Bottas having no chance to fight to get into the points zone, Mercedes tossed his last coin. New pit stop near the end of the race, and one last attempt. Bottas swiped the fastest turn from him on the last lap, in full celebration of Verstappen, to whom the news was communicated by radio once Bottas passed the finish line.

With the loss of the point, Verstappen thus took 19 points from Hamilton in the World Cup, and Mercedes minimized damage, by very little, the reduction of its distance in the Constructors’ World Cup after Red Bull’s double podium in Mexico, which is still more alive than ever with only four races to go.

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