The conclusions of Formula 1 after the Mexican GP

Red Bull narrowed the constructors’ championship and Verstappen widened it with respect to Hamilton; Checo Pérez gave another great performance and this time in front of his audience

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Alfa Romeo

Kimi got to the points and Giovinazzi, – again -, was in the anteroom. The car defended well on the Hermanos Rodríguez track and the Finnish veteran was able to get the necessary performance as well as taking advantage of the situations that were placing him up in the classifier -since qualifying on Saturday with penalties to other rivals- .. – Victor Manuel Macín


Gasly and Tsunoda were literally light and shadow this weekend. The Frenchman had a round grand prize with a spectacular classification and excellent race pace within the Top 5, nothing to reproach him for. The one who will receive a tremendous slap on the wrist is the Japanese on his return to Faenza. He ruined the Red Bull drivers’ Q3 and on the first lap was the product of bad luck after being crashed by Esteban Ocon. Most importantly, they have already surpassed Aston Martin and can do the same with Alpine in the constructors’ championship. Sebastian Aceves


The French managed to save the weekend with the performance of Fernando Alonso, who started from sixteenth place and managed to score two units in ninth position, a result that occurred due to the incidents that occurred at the beginning of the race and with his track performance. Meanwhile, Esteban Ocon could only climb two positions and finish in thirteenth place. Ricardo Cariño

Aston martin

Lance Stroll’s roughness and free fall remain Aston Martin’s only constants. Sebastian Vettel managed once again to finish in the points zone and at times he had a good battle with Kimi Räikkonen, but in reality they fell away from the Ferraris. Perhaps the only positive is that they finished above McLaren, but more because of Woking’s failures than because of their own successes. Erick Cervantes Roon



Alex Pombo declared that this podium is very important for Sergio Pérez and Mexico.


Good weekend for the Italians. Gasly came between them and an excellent race. They took advantage of McLaren’s troubles and are now the third force in F1. The car looks strong for the Brazilian race and the drivers are in good shape. The fight is not closed, Leclerc and Sainz will have to continue working hard to beat the ‘papayas’ cars. Victor Manuel Macín


Well, another weekend for the team. They had fun on a soccer field. Mazepin finished the race and left information for 2022 and for his development as an F1 driver. Schumacher was out of the battle in the first round. Victor Manuel Macín


He was one of the losers of the weekend. Those of Woking have not come out of the bad streak of results in the last races and this Sunday they lost a golden opportunity with the touch that Daniel Ricciardo had with Valtteri Bottas and that sent him from seventh to the back of the grid and from there go back to the twelfth position. Lando Norris lived through a gray weekend and finished in tenth position, the same place he started from at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, so the team had to settle for a single unit. Ricardo Cariño



Alex Pombo declared that this podium is very important for Sergio Pérez and Mexico.


After surprising in Qualy 3 with the 1-2, it seemed that the “Silver Arrows” would hit the table in the AHR, but everything changed in a few seconds with the great start of Max Verstappen to take the lead and the contact of Daniel Ricciardo with Valtteri Bottas to remove him from contention. Now Lewis Hamilton sees the Dutchman further in the drivers ‘championship race and Mercedes sees Red Bull closer in the constructors’ championship. Erick Cervantes Roon

Red bull

More than a resounding result, it is a blow to Mercedes’ morale. Max Verstappen was like a missile in the first corners and never gave up the lead of the race from then on. Unless the Dutchman makes a rude mistake with four runs to go, Lewis Hamilton is on the ropes. On the other hand, Checo Pérez behaved at the height and finally fulfilled his dream of achieving the podium at home. He made the seven-time champion more aware of him than Verstappen. Second place would have been the cherry on top, but F1ESTA was entirely for the energy drink. One point separates them from Mercedes in the team world championship, nothing is defined. Sebastian Aceves


They were one of the teams that suffered the most from the height of Mexico City. Despite a gearbox change, Russell was in the points zone for the first few laps, but gradually lagged behind as did his teammate Latifi. The only good thing for Grove is that they are no longer referred to as the worst team on the grid. – Sebastian Aceves


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