Saving abandoned hospitals and clinics, the challenge of Q4 in Veracruz

The Director of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Health, Karla Peregrina Bermúdez, reported that until 2021 approximately 50% of the 800 medical units in the State have been attended.

In interview for and, as part of the Third Work Report of Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, indicated that the challenge is to attend to all of them in five years.

“We are making progress, we have a very good number of units attended to, the challenge we have with the Governor and the secretary (of Health, Roberto Ramos Alor) is that we can attend the more than 800 medical units (…), we have now the Approximately 50 percent of units served, “he said.

Peregrina Bermúdez added that hard work has been done for the benefit of Veracruz citizens and in terms of municipalities, 164 of the 212 that make up the Entity have been attended, so the COVID-19 pandemic has not been an impediment to carry carry out these actions in favor of the sanitary infrastructure.

“We are working, we have not stopped regardless of the pandemic issue that affected us all, we as a health infrastructure continue to work,” reiterated the state official.

More health centers in forgotten municipalities

The project that manages the area under his charge contemplates the rehabilitation of medical units but also the construction of new ones, particularly in municipalities where there was not at least one health center.

“In other municipalities, substitution units were made, from an old one for a new one. So we do have new units, we have been working on rescuing the units abandoned by past administrations. I have a census of 54, among hospitals and health centers throughout the State (abandoned), ”he said.

The Director of Infrastructure pointed out that one of the hospitals that is recovering is that of Perote, which had been abandoned for 12 years. “It is being intervened and it is planned to have it ready in December,” he estimated.

Another of the rehabilitated healthcare centers was the Orizaba Psychiatric Hospital, which due to the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus became an Extended Medical Attention Center (CAME).

“This year we have an approximate investment of 200 million pesos, between resources given by the Ministry of Finance and Planning (SEFIPLAN), as well as by the Institute of Health for Well-being (INSABI),” he stated.

The architect endorsed that neither in 2020 nor in 2021, the Infrastructure Directorate stopped, on the contrary, she stated that they continued executing the portfolio of projects they had and delivering the units already built or recovered.

“To date we continue to deliver units, equipping too, so we follow our program as well. We are still working with resource 2021, in the bidding process, in the process of work until March -2022- to deliver them and we have more or less 120 completed the resource of the year and that are delivered this year “, he emphasized.

Objectives met

The public servant assured that after three years of state administration the objectives set have been met, although she acknowledged that the pandemic stopped the objective of intervening the 800 medical units in four years, so now there will be five.

“We are expanding to five years but that does not mean that we have stopped, we are rearranging ourselves due to the pandemic issue but we are going to end in five years and what was planned will be accomplished,” he reaffirmed.

He specified that the challenge for 2022 is to intervene at least 200 units, so that in two years the total set in the objectives of care for the State hospital infrastructure is achieved.

After indicating that it is a very big challenge that they have, he expressed that there will be “surprises for the population” related to hospital projects that will be built in the next three years of the six-year term.

Finally, he asked the public to have confidence in the Governor, stating that with the application of resources with transparency and honesty, better health care can be achieved in all medical units.


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