Pumas vs Cruz Azul: Summary, Goals and Videos

A real madness was experienced in the University Olympic Stadium where Pumas and Cruz Azul They offered their fans an unforgettable game in which the cats performed a miracle. Soccer, emotion, goals is what there were throughout 90 minutes in which the felines recovered their fierceness and Machine showed the fragility he can have, as he ended up losing 4-3 and Cougars it’s in the Repechage, thanks to a team that lately in CU has been thrashed when least expected.

The situation of both teams was completely different because while Blue Cross He was looking to improve his position in the Table, Pumas was risking his life.

And the cats could not waste time, so just five minutes into the game the defender Arturo Ortiz He raised his hand and with a head butt put the university students forward; However, they did not have the intelligence to control the game and from minute 11, La Maquina, led by Roberto AlvaradoHe had a dreamy first half, as 45 minutes were enough for him to score three goals.

But what were magnificent moments for ‘Piojo’ were a total nightmare for Jerónimo Rodríguez, puma defender, who with mistakes ended up collaborating with his rival.

Alvarado made the CU terrain his own. First at 11, then at 19 and finally at 42, Pumas lost 1-3 and the last two, Jerónimo made mistakes that cost them.

But from the start of the second half, a real madness was experienced at the Olympic University. Pumas regained its fierceness.

The first ball that Favio Álvarez touched ended up being the goal that brought them back to life. The Machine seemed to shut down and Andrés Lillini sent Diogo de Oliveira to the field, who appeared when his team needed him most. At 61 minutes of play, the Brazilian scored his first goal. They already tied 3-3 and nothing was said.

And it was Diogo himself who scored the goal with Pumas achieved the miracle of entering the Repechage when they seemed to be more sunk than ever.

Pumas went back to Cruz Azul


Alvarado's hat trick was of no use


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