Pumas: Beyond a result – Alberto Bernard

MYTH: A year ago Pumas walked to the Final, today he wanders in the eliminated teams zone.

REALITY: 15 out of 16 weeks in the eliminated teams zone, only on Day 1 he was placed in the reclassification zone as a visitor in position nine, he was even last in the table on day five, in this panorama it has been a quite a tournament bad.

Much of the university problem is in the areas, especially on the offensive. He failed to score a goal in 50% of the matches in the competition, a difference of minus seven goals, the first score was achieved until matchday three and the first victory to date six, the best streak was three wins and a draw in the double shift.

Of the 13 goals scored, eight were achieved with his foot inside the area, two from a mid-range shot, one from a header and two from a penalty.

Dinenno celebrates with his arms to heaven the auriazul miracle of almost a year ago.
Of the 20 received, 12 were scored with the foot inside the area, three with a head shot, three from a penalty and two with a long shot.

Andrés Lillini has used three different tactical figures, all with four defenders in the background and 75% with a single center forward.

Of the nine foreigners that the team has, only three exceed 60% of the minutes of the tournament and can be considered starters (Dinenno, Freire and Meritao), four are recurring changes (Saucedo, Álvarez, Battocchio and Corozo), while two (Rogerio and Diogo) is below 30% participation in the tournament.

CONCLUSIONS: Pumas will have to try to close a disastrous tournament with dignity. The institutional analysis will not have to be altered if the Repechage is classified or not, it will have to be based on the projection and growth that the players can have from the hand of coach Lillini and if the Argentine is adequate to rebuild this version of Pumas .

Pumas: Beyond a resultPumas: Beyond a resultPumas: Beyond a resultPumas: Beyond a resultPumas: Beyond a result


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