Pemex prepares plan to win over gasolineros – El Financiero

Two months until the end of the year, Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) will implement four strategies to improve the competitiveness of its points of sale and its network of service stations, he said. Manuel Chávez de la Parra, commercial deputy director of Pemex Transformación Industrial during the annual convention of Onexpo.

One of the most important points will be potentiate the Pemex franchise network through a fleet purchasing management platform.

“With the presence that we have of our franchises nationwide, this will be possible, the 77 Storage and Delivery terminals that we have, not all of them are of quality, we recognize it, (we know) that the positions assigned to load fuel are not they are equitable, … so we will seek to improve the quality of our services, ”said the official.

The second objective before the end of the year will be to recover points of sale, so Pemex will seek to install new stations in areas where there are no such services, offering better conditions for partners.

Regarding the third strategy, the Pemex executive specified that once the service station is installed, Pemex must make sure to position the franchise and the service station.

He considered that one of the limitations of those interested in acquiring a service station is access to financing sources, so they will try to encourage better credit conditions.

Finally, the last strategy will be focused on improving the quality of the stations’ service.

“(We accept that) not all the services are of quality, and many times they have to do with disruptive events, sometimes of supply and others of demand, which generates that the positions that are granted to load fuel are not equitable, the model The business offered by any supplier is not only not equitable but preferential, there we want to go, so that you can see when the places are assigned in our terminals that there are no irregularities, the waiting time is minimized and that the conditions offered by a neighboring terminal we can give them ”, he stressed.


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