Not there! Tuca got the wrong dressing room on his visit to Tigres | VIDEO

University Stadium, Monterrey /

The J17 of Liga MX had a very special visit of an old acquaintance and is that the Tuca Ferretti arrived at the Volcano, now as DT de Bravos, where he received an ovation from the fans, but not only that, but the mustache, following their customs, He got the wrong dressing room going next to the premises.

Tuca Ferretti came out a few months ago of the Tigers after not renewing your contract. Miguel Herrera stayed in command of the team and he has done quite well, because after 17 dates he achieved 28 units and qualified directly for the league.

The funny moment of Tuca Ferretti

The match Come in FC Juárez and Tigres continued his march normally and when the halftime, with a marker of 1-0 in favor of the felines, this happened comic moment with the mustache.

As all the players made their way to the changing rooms, Tuca Ferretti forgot that he is no longer the local coach, but that did not prevent him from going to that sector; some fans in the stands caught everything on video.

When Ferretti realized That I was going the wrong way He stopped one moment, smiled seeing your mistake and was outlined to the correct side; To try to ‘hide’ it, he greeted Guerrerito, the official voice of the Tigres and with whom he has been friends for years.

After that, Ferretti resumed his way, now yes to the visitors’ dressing room and had the customary technical talk with his players, The same that perhaps motivated them but did not lead them to rescue units.

Tigers finished winning the match 3-0, with double for Diente López and one more for Juan Pablo Vigón, reaching direct qualification to the league and waiting for the playoff to end to meet his rival; the Bravos del Tuca were eliminated.


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