Lazio asks Amazon Prime to remove the scene where they are called ‘fascists’

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The Lazio, Roman club of the A series, criticized the creators of the series “Maradona: Sueño Bendito” by Amazon prime for a scene in which the Roman club is branded as fascists and they ask that it be removed.

The series, which follows the life of the late idol of Napoli and of Argentina, presents a scene in which the character of Diego Maradona says “these fascists want to humiliate us”, referring to the Lazio.

“The reference to fascism is all the more hateful because it is evoked with a clear defamatory intent, “according to a note posted on the club’s website.

“He manages to achieve the extraordinary result of insult a whole hobby and a club, moving away from reality and also from one’s own thoughts Maradona, who proved on many occasions that he was a friend of the Lazio“.

The Lazio has asked Amazon prime that the scene, which is “as unlikely as it is painful”, should be cut as it “lacks respect for the fans of the Lazio and the memory of a great champion. “

The hobby of the Lazio it has a long history tied to extreme right-wing extremism.

The club was fined and sanctioned by the UEFA, which closed areas of its stadium, for a game played in October 2019 after a group of fans were caught doing fascist greetings during a game of the Europa League against Rennes.


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