How were the MLS Playoffs? Defined conference crossovers

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The MLS Regular Season came to an end after 34 days of great intensity, emotions and great matches, giving rise to the Playoffs, part of the tournament where 14 teams (7 per conference) everything done in the year will be played in ‘kill or be killed’ duels.

It is important to emphasize that in this day 34 two of the mexicans with Major reflectors in MLS were eliminated, well the LAFC was beaten by the Colorado Rapids and left them out, while the LA Galaxy tied but a victory in the last gasp of the Salt Lake kicked them out of this phase.

How are the Playoffs made in MLS?

It is important to note that in MLS there is a format similar to that of Liga MX, only with a slight difference.

The first place of the Eastern and Western Conference access directly at Semifinals, while the place 2 to 7 are measured in this round of playoffs to know who accesses.

The matches are 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5, where the winner of the latter pair goes against the conference leader, and the other two winners of Playoffs they are measured against each other.

This is how the Eastern Conference duels will be played

In this sector the absolute leader was New England, who in 34 games accumulated 73 units, taking away a 19 point advantage about second place.

Taking into account what is stated in the previous point, the crosses will be like this:

  • Philadelphia vs New York Red Bull
  • Nashville SC vs Orlando City
  • NYC FC vs Atlanta United (winner faces New England)

The duels of the Western Conference in MLS

On the other side in MLS, the conference leader was Colorado Rapids, the same as kicked out Carlos Vela and LAFC of the Playoffs, then with 61 points He went straight to the Semifinals.

The other crossings that will take place will be the following:

  • Seattle Sounders vs Real Salt Lake
  • Sporting Kansas City vs Whitecaps
  • Portland Timbers vs Minnesota (winner goes to Colorado)


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