Verstappen, optimistic: “It is better to start third than second”

Max has had to lift in his second round due to a chain of misfortunes

Tomorrow he hopes to fight for victory against the two Mercedes drivers

Max Verstappen was surprised by Mercedes in qualifying for the Mexican GP and had to settle for third place. The one from the Netherlands has also been forced to abort its second round due to a chain of misfortunes that Yuki Tsunoda has started. Of course, tomorrow he hopes to fight for victory.

Verstappen was unable to beat the two Mercedes in Q3. The star brand has pulled out everything it had in its pocket when push comes to shove and Max has been unable to counter that great performance.

The Red Bull driver was improving on his second lap, but right in front of him Tsunoda went off track and that distracted Sergio Pérez, and that forced Verstappen to lift his foot. The one from the Netherlands has had to settle for third place, but believes that it is a better starting position than second, where his greatest rival, Lewis Hamilton, will start.

“In qualifying, we lost our balance, but the last lap was good. The bad thing is that there were two riders off the track, I had to lift my foot and that destroyed the lap. Even with that we could have struggled. by the pole. Third place is not amazing but it is better than starting second“, said Verstappen as soon as he got out of the car.

Verstappen maintains that they have had to do repairs on their wing and it is not the best during qualifying, although he believes that they have not lost pole because of that. Tomorrow they will not use the softer tires and that gives him hope to be able to fight for the victory against the two Mercedes drivers.

“We had to repair the wing and it wasn’t ideal. I don’t think it was the reason for the problems in qualifying. We didn’t go well, but we are not going to use these tires tomorrow“, has expressed Max to close.

Verstappen will start tomorrow from third position for the fifth time this year. From this starting point he was able to win at Imola at the beginning of the year and led the race until his retirement when he started from that same position in Baku. The other two occasions were in Portimao and Hungary, but in those events he never ran in first place.

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