Pato O’Ward, a change of residence was the key to dreaming about F1

Monterrey, NL /

Born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Patrick O’Ward chose his sport; It was not football or baseball, his passion since he was a child was motor racing, since it carried it in his veins.

His grandfather Rodolfo, in the 60’s and 70’s he shone as a pilot and that adrenaline from being with the wheel in his hands he inherited from his grandson Duck.

“Pato from a very young age said I’m going for the big one and I’m going to be a pilot. In Rodolfo’s case it was very romantic to be a pilot, in those days you would grab a helmet from the delivery man and you would get in … then you would get into the big ones,” he told Mediotiempo He too regal pilot, Cesar Tiberius, a promoter of motor sport in Nuevo León.

Tiberius met many legends through his father, including Rudy, as they knew Rodolfo; “won many races, grandpa is in the records of Monterrey, when in Formula B, the most important category that had come to Monterrey “.

With that family background, there was no reason against O’Ward fulfilling his dream of being a professionalSince he was six years old, he showed quality and qualities to do it with karting.

The key to success

However, talent is sometimes not enough. A young man who really wants to be successful needs to leave Mexico, according to Tiberio, and Pato did; from the age of 11 he changed his residence to San Antonio, Texas.

“In Mexico right now we do not have categories of formula cars, more than a small one and a medium one, which is the Indy Light and the Formula 4 … Your career would have been cut short or it would have taken you longer to learn, always run the Monterrey track and not move anything to the car, you stay there, “said Tiberio.

The royal motorsport icon recalled the occasion when he met O’Ward, he was already making his career at IndyLight and was amazed at the quality he was expending despite his 22 years of age.

“Who is that kid? ‘No, it’s Pato’, and you realize the quality of handling, how the engine doesn’t mistreat, how the tires don’t burn, he has an extra talent. You see Pato and you see him as a boy to every mother, laughing, jumping, as if he were three or four years younger, but You see him on top of the car talking to his engineer and you say ‘ay wey‘”, said.

Pato was already champion of IMSA PC in 2017 and Indy Lights in 2018; He has participated in the IndyCar Series since 2019, although he has not achieved the championship, only fourth in 2020 and third in the recent 2021 campaign with the Arrow McLaren SP team. He won a race in April, so for a bet with McLaren CEO Zak Brown, will participate in the Formula 1 postseason.


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