Hernán Cristante after Toluca’s defeat against Puebla: “We are fools”

The DT of the Devils admitted not wanting to speak; Sambueza and Estrada told him they weren’t there to play.

Cristante believes that Toluca did not deserve to be in the first 4 places

By: Emmanuel R. Marroquin

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Hernán Cristante, technical director of Toluca, left the game annoyed after losing against Puebla, regretted that it was difficult for them to score and that the rival did not, evaded the analysis and pointed out that two of his most important men were not there to play.

“It is difficult when it costs us a lot and the rival does not. I invite anyone who wants to make an analysis of the situation. The fools are us, we stopped doing, we erred, make an analysis; it is difficult when someone’s exposition is not correct, there is no analysis.

“I’m not happy, I don’t really want to talk the other day I talked about how it can’t happen to us, that’s very difficult, maybe we didn’t deserve to be in the first teams and today we have to be where we belong,” he said. Hernán Cristante at a press conference.


The strategist from La Franja indicated that since they qualified for the Final Phase of the Liga BBVA MX, they will now play ambitiously.

“We have to pass the Requalification. We want more, we ambition to go for everything, match by match, with whoever we touch.

“I never thought at the result level what we would achieve, but I did trust my team a lot to be in what we now have to live,” said the Argentine strategist at a press conference at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium.

Puebla ends Toluca’s dream of advancing directly to Quarters


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