Cruz Azul could lose six players for the playoffs


The cement manufacturers will be attentive to what happens this afternoon.

The group must be very careful if they want to reach the playoffs in optimal conditions
© Getty ImagesThe group must be very careful if they want to reach the playoffs in optimal conditions

This afternoon’s game will be key to Blue Cross to define their position in the standings, but it will also be to know which footballers they will be able to count on in the final stretch of the competition, as there are a few players who are in a somewhat complex situation. Here the members of the Machine who are in danger for the playoff game.

The end of the regular phase of the Scream Mexico Opening 2021 is just around the corner and coaches who already have a place in Liguilla or are close to obtaining it are looking to keep as many important players available for the next key games. One of those teams is Blue Cross, which could suffer several casualties in case of receiving a warning.

Is that, six of their players accumulate four yellow cards and, if they were to see one in the duel against Pumas, they would be discarded for the first match of League, which in this case will be the playoffs. Of its squad, those who have a chance of being suspended are Pablo Aguilar, Shaggy Martínez, Juan Escobar, Orbelín Pineda, Yoshimar Yotún and José Ignacio Rivero.

All the mentioned players are very close to suspension, so it will be necessary to see what decision he makes Juan Reynoso, even more so considering that five of the six mentioned footballers occupy positions in which friction and friction can lead to the referee Marco Antonio Ortíz show the yellow card and leave the Machine without a man in the playoff game.

At the moment, Reynoso did not confirm if there will be rotations, so it would not be unusual to see the aforementioned footballers on the playing field to face Cougars. What will be a certainty is that they will surely play with the order of being much more cautious when making tackles to recover the ball or when defending.


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