Cristante sees Toluca as a victim of the ‘Liga MX structure’

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Hernán Cristante, technician of Toluca, noted that his team appears to be a victim of the MX League After tonight he fell to Puebla and with that he let one of the four tickets go to Liguilla direct to dispute the Repechage.

I’m not very happy and I don’t feel like talking. Not because of the team, nor because of the performance, you can win, lose or draw, what is happening to us cannot happen to us. It seems that Toluca is a victim all this structure of Liga MX”, He said at the end of the match.

With eight games without winning and leave the first four places this weekend after being in the entire tournament in that area, Crystalline He commented that the camotero team were given more facilities to win, while they rowed against the current, a situation that he knows how to face and is preparing to continue doing so in this final phase of the campaign.

My annoyance is that we cannot win, Toluca is given absolutely nothing. We have to have a much more competitive team to win in all circumstances, I have already experienced this as a player and coach. I leave the blood on the court to be able to beat all the vicissitudes, I am a guy who does not lower his arms and is not afraid. This is our reality today, without a doubt in the Repechage we are going to find several problems that we will have to be able to overcome ”.

The strategist revealed that Rubens Sambueza He was not one hundred percent to play and asked him not to be taken into account, but they ended up agreeing a few minutes as an element of change.


Secondly, Nicolas Larcamón He could not define a characteristic that describes the campaign that his team has carried out to have its second classification from the hand of the strategist who arrived just a year ago.

Puebla has many attributes and it is difficult to find a unique one to recognize these guys. They are a series of things that make us express ourselves this way throughout this tournament and the previous one with different nuances. Now we knew how to show that we could have adversities on the road and continue ”, he commented after the triumph over the scarlets and thus ensure his pass to the next round of the Apertura 2021.


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