They demand that the name be changed to “Grand Prize Iztacalco CDMX”

Inhabitants of the Mayor’s Office Iztacalco they demonstrated in the vicinity of the Hermanos Rodríguez Racetrack for a surprising reason. The headquarters of the Grand Prix of Mexico received at gate 6 a group of people who demanded the name change of the competition.

The neighbors of Iztacalcor require recognition “worldwide”, for which they ask that the competition be called “Iztacalco CDMX Grand Prize ”.

The reason? They consider that by being hosts they deserve recognition “As it is done in other parts of the world”. The presence of the inhabitants was peaceful.

“We demand that it be called that because we are the hosts. We need it to be recognized worldwide, to know its people, its culture, its traditions, Iztacalco is more than the racetrack, is more than the Sport City”, said a person for the portal Sopitas.

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Likewise, you could read banners with messages such as: “For being your hosts. The F1 Grand Prix should be called ‘F1 Iztacalco CDMX“,”We want Iztacalco to be recognized worldwide”.


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