Shohei Ohtani and her reaction to Buster Posey’s retirement

Shohei ohtani, a two-way player who throughout 2021 was considered the sensation of MLB thanks to his great work on the mound and in the batter’s box, he is another major leaguer who they reacted to the retirement announcement from the former Giants catcher, the captain, Buster posey.

A couple of days ago the rumor ran strong that the San Francisco mask would hang the spikes, but it was this Thursday when it made it official. At 34 years old and a dozen seasons playing MLB, Posey chose not to jump onto the pitch anymore and that’s how Ohtani fired him.

“He had a great season and playoffs. He’s definitely a great kid. I had the opportunity to play him and it was a lot of fun. He has a great arm and he’s excellent at hitting, that makes him different from other catchers.” The Japanese said in an interview after Posey’s retirement announcement.

According to Posey’s words, the reason why he will never put on the harness and direct the pitchers of his beloved Giants is due to the physical pain that as the years go by, the more he suffers from day to day.

Not only the Japanese regretted this abrupt retirement, but other former teammates such as Sergio Romo and colleagues who were rivals on the field such as Dodgers legend Clayton Kershaw.

Ismael Hernandez

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