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Donovanosis or inguinal granuloma is a disease caused by a bacteria called Klebsiella granulomatis, which is usually transmitted through sexual activity and produces slow-growing ulcers that are usually painless, fortunately, it is usually cured thanks to the prompt treatment of donovanosis.

The donovanosis It can be diagnosed by means of a culture of the ulcer taken with a cotton swab, with studies of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which allow to identify the specific bacteria in the ulcer based on DNA, as well as analysis blood tests and biopsies.

Once diagnosed, the treatment of donovanosis is mainly treated with antibiotics, specifically with azithromycin, a drug that stops the growth of bacteria.

When the treatment With antibiotics, the ulcers should start to heal a few days later, but if the infection has persisted for a long time or has progressed to a later stage, the antibiotic treatment may need to be prolonged for several weeks.

Treatment for donovanosis may also include pain relievers if the ulcers become secondarily infected with bacteria and cause pain. It is important to complete the course of antibiotics even if symptoms begin to go away, and a follow-up visit with the doctor is usually recommended to make sure the infection is fully healed.

If donovanosis is not treated, the ulcers will continue to grow slowly and can destroy larger areas of skin, cause scarring, and infiltrate the surrounding lymphatic vessels, causing blockage. Long-term infection can even be related to genital cancer. In these situations, surgery may be required to remove the ulcers.

If donovanosis is not treated early, it can lead to complications including:

  • Cancer
  • destruction of genital tissue
  • narrowing of the vagina, anus, or urethra
  • damage to the bones or intestines, if the bacteria are spread through the blood

However, proper and timely treatment with antibiotics can easily cure donovanosis.


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