Benzema caused an imbalance in the French National Team, criticized Giro

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Olivier Giroud, front of the Milan, has been sincere about his absence from the French National Team and incidentally has criticized Karim Benzema now that he returned with the French team by decision of the coach Didier deschamps.

“I found out when the coach announced it. It was the will of Deschamps. I get it, but I wish they warned me beforeGiroud told L’Equipe where he threw the dart at his partner in position.

I have nothing against Karim, but his return to the national team created a tactical imbalance and in our way of playing. It was something evident in some games, which luckily could be fixed quickly, as was seen in the Nations League. However, it took time. “

Olivier Giroud said Benzema He has matured a lot and assured that he never had problems with the footballer and they even ate together in the concentrations of France.

Controversies with Mbappé and Ibrahimovic

Regarding the statements he made after the game against Bulgaria in the Eurocup of this 2021, the forward assured that he spoke directly with Kylian Mbappé, forward of PSG.

“I spoke after the game against Bulgaria, but did not mention any names. However, Mbappe and I talk in her room. It was a 48 hour issue. It was an insignificant event, which should never have altered the balance of the team, “he said.

On the other hand, he commented that he was never intimidated by Zlatan Ibrahimovic when he arrived at the Milan and little by little he has become a scorer for the rossonero team.

When I was going to sign, Pioli asked me about Ibra and how he saw our coexistence. I told him that if he didn’t think he could play with him, he wouldn’t be there. Ibra never scared me. It is also an opportunity to evolve by his side, to continue learning with someone of such wealth. His charisma, his presence in the dressing room and his leadership on the field are above. When I signed, he said he was a good rookie, but that he was the only king in Milan. “


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