Beñal San José assures that Mazatlán did not receive a ‘penalty’

For him Mazatlán FC coach, Beñat San José, it was a pity that the whistling Jorge Isaac Rojas there is taken away to your team, via VAR, the penalty that marked them in the first half as you said, it was a fault on Daniel Amador.

“A shame, it has been criminal, a penalty”, The press conference began. “I remember in Toluca that they whistled us one against and then they recognized that it was not, today was a shame, what angers me the most is that the referee has whistled it, then it goes to the VAR and overrides it.

“These games that are like finals they opt for details, even a draw would have been good for us for many things, I think we deserved the victoryAlthough Chivas has a very good dynamic and it is very difficult to counter them, I am not going to talk about the referees, I am going to talk about my opinion and for me it has been a shame

The foul on Amador was from goalkeeper Raúl Gudiño, but in the VAR and Rojas considered that the Guadalajara goalkeeper brushed the ball before the impact with the Chimpa.

“A shame, that’s how beautiful football is that we were able to beat a club with 115 years of history, a club of a year and a half has been better on the field, a pity that in the criminal action we did not get ahead, because that would have given us wings, lhen we played better and we were able to play a counterattack game, I am affected, by the fans especially that it has been a show, It is the first time we fill the Kraken, we have to rescue many things that have happened today, such as the fans that have supported us a lot and the great game that the Mazatlán players played ”, he added.

“The Mexican League is very difficult and if we qualify with 20 points it is because we deserved it, we will see what happens and we will be attentive “added the strategist. Now, Mazatlán depends on what Pumas, Pachuca and Atlético de San Luis do to see if they reach the Repechage.

‘115 years of history will not weigh more than a year and a half’

During the week the theme in Mazatlán was what the Chivas shirt weighs at the referee level, hoping that this has not influenced, to which Beñat San José replied:

“The truth is that within the field I don’t think that there has to be that, I don’t want to think that there is that, I think that the referees do a very difficult jobIt is very clear, but it is true that during the week we heard the phrase that hopefully in certain key decisions, 115 years of history will not weigh more than a year and a half, that yes the players commented. The key decision has gone in favor of Chivas“, I agree.


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