The Medical and Dermatological Clinic Dr. Gabriel Serrano celebrates its 45th anniversary

Dr. Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist, founder and president of Laboratorios Sesderma.

Dr. Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist, founder and president of Laboratorios Sesderma.
German Knight

The Medical and Dermatological Clinic Dr. Gabriel Serrano, located in the center of Valencia, turns 45 turned into a reference center serving health, beauty and well-being, where medicine and innovation are combined with each other.

Founded by the doctor Gabriel Serrano in 1976 in Valencia, the clinic has been dedicated since its inception to treating skin, hair and nail diseases and, to this day, it has become one of the leading centers in dermatology, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, with effective treatments and the most advanced equipment.

For Dr. Serrano, also founder and president of Sesderma Laboratories opening the consultation was fulfilling a dream: to continue with the family legacy of a history linked to medicine. His paternal grandfather was pharmacist in Colombia at the beginning of the 20th century; his father worked as surgeon, obstetrician-gynecologist and family doctor for more than 40 years in the United States; and several of his uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters had or maintain ties to the Health.

From his father, Gabriel Serrano received a holistic understanding of medicine and learned that patient care should be governed by a respectful and professional treatment, in addition to that closeness that characterizes it.

This is why, for the past 45 years, the know to do, the generosity and the sense of humanity have endured as unalterable values ​​of the clinic and its staff.

Dr. Gabriel Serrano in his clinic. ED

The clinic has a team of more than 12 specialized medical doctors in dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, these areas are now added new specialties What odontology, cardiology, pediatrics, allergology and chiropody, which have been implemented in order to meet the needs of patients in a comprehensive way.

In 2014, the clinic received the Mediterranean Excellent award for its long history, innovation and professionalism. A Rrecognition of talent, perseverance and dedication.

In these 45 years, patients of all ages with skin problems, diagnosing and treating both more serious diseasess, as well as mild ones. 45 years in which the doctor Gabriel Serrano has trained and urged the constant traininge of those who have made up the work teams.

45 years in which the commitment of Dr. Serrano and the team of medical professionals with their patients is reinforced in values ​​such as trust, empathy, dedication, respect and passion for the work they do in their medical activity.

Reception of the Medical and Dermatological Clinic Dr. Gabriel Serrano. ED

A unique event to celebrate the 45th Anniversary

Last Friday, November 5, on the occasion of the 45 years since the founding of the clinic, Dr. Gabriel Serrano held a commemorative actI hear one gala dinner as thanks to the whole team, his family, clients and people who have contributed to improve the well-being and comprehensive health care of people.

The event took place in his Esteve Recorder clinic and was attended by different personalities and public authorities such as Paz Carceller, mayor of Puçol; Rosa María Cárdenas Lesmes, Consul of Colombia; and Irina Felicia Marin, Romanian Consul in Valencia.


Medical and Dermatological Clinic Dr. Gabriel Serrano celebrates its 45th anniversary
German Knight

They also attended pharmacists and dermatologists not only from Valencia, but from different parts of Spain and the rest of the world who did not want to miss a such an emotional encounter with doctor Serrano, along with numerous personalities from the sports, artistic, business and celebrities.

The night culminated with performance by Antonio Carmona after the gala dinner, thus ending this 45th anniversary in style.


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