Pumas vs Santos: Summary, Goals and Videos

Cougars had everything to keep hope alive, but claw is not enough to achieve a victory and the cats proved it in University City, because when they had to win as it gave way to enter the Repechage, the goal and luck turned their backs on them; ended up losing 0-3 with Saints and now they will have to wait for a true miracle so that the weekend everything comes together and they beat Blue Cross so as not to be eliminated.

In 90 minutes, Cougars everything would be played for everything, because he had to win as he gave place to Santos to secure the possibility of entering the Repechage, but depending on themselves and not on other results.

That was the slogan with which the felines came to CU to confront some lagoons who seek to improve their position in the General Table and they succeeded.

For those from Torreón, 16 minutes of play were enough for them to Diego Valdes put them ahead on the scoreboard, and with that the blue-blue hopes faded little by little.

It is true that Pumas tried, he had an ‘acceptable’ first half, but on the night they needed the most, the goal disappeared and his left side did not help them, since after several attempts, Santos realized that this was the side. that they had to explode and they did, in the first goal and even in the second, which fell at minute 52, again via the Chilean Diego Valdit is, but both lagoon centers arrived from the side that guarded the ‘Chispa’ Velarde.

And to finish off the university students, Omar fields He arrived to put the third goal in favor of Santos who already had three points in the bag.

The Auriazules were letting go of the possibility of depending on themselves to enter the Repechage, and of course if they seemed to be the Pumas at the start of the tournament to which nothing came out and the ball did not enter by mistake. And tonight it was the same, not even with the penalty in favor they could shorten the distance, Carlos Acevedo placeholder image stopped the ball that Juan Ignacio Dinenno kicked.

After having lost by three goals and going blank, Pumas only has to maintain the faith that the miracle can occur that the results he needs will be given and that they can beat Cruz Azul, a fact that is probably the most complicated of everybody.

Pumas fell to Santos


Pumas fell to Santos


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