La Jornada – IPN issues guidelines for face-to-face return from School of Medicine

The National School of Medicine and Homeopathy (ENMH) of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) released the Guidelines for the Return to Face-to-Face Activities in Clinical Fields at the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) North Zone, corresponding to the 2022 school period -2, (January-June).

David Jaramillo Vigueras, Academic Secretary of the Polytechnic indicated that the ENMH was the first to accept the challenge of reactivating the face-to-face activities in that house of studies for two months, and praised the students because they have been precisely the ones who have pushed to achieve it and They have shown great enthusiasm in the safe return to the Clinical Fields.

Dr. Elizabeth López Rojas, coordinator of Planning and Institutional Liaison of the IMSS, Northern Zone, highlighted the effort they have made in conjunction with the polytechnic authorities so that students can return to clinical activities, since there is no better book to learn medicine that an examination and that an interrogation in front of the patient, although this time it will be different, it will be in a hybrid way, but it is part of the learnings that the Covid-19 left and it is necessary to adapt to it.

For his part, the director of the ENMH, Rodolfo Luna Reséndiz, indicated that face-to-face in-service training is essential in professional training, particularly to define the correct attitudes for teamwork among doctors, residents, patients and family members of the patients.

He added that the students of this academic unit are sufficiently qualified to participate in the National Health System, because only last year they achieved 57 percent efficiency in the National Exam for Aspiring Medical Residences (ENARM).

The academic deputy director of the ENMH, Victorina Elizabeth Jiménez Sánchez, explained that within the guidelines that provide for a safe return to the practice of the Clinical Fields, it is contemplated that face-to-face activities will adhere to the green epidemiological traffic light in the metropolitan area of ​​the City of Mexico and that the hospitals are not in hospital reconversion due to Covid-19, in addition to that the maximum capacity will be 15 students who will enter in teams of four members.

He added that the teaching will be taught in a hybrid way with the support of online theoretical classes and the practical activities carried out in the hospital will be staggered, rotating, voluntary, flexible, that students who attend comorbidities must be controlled and be under medical surveillance. Additionally, all students must have their complete vaccination scheme certificate and wear the mandatory personal protective equipment.

On behalf of the students of the ENMH, Sergio Alejandro García Ramírez, an eighth-semester student of the Surgeon and Midwifery career, congratulated himself for being the first medical school to return in person to Campos Clínicos, as well as the first to have a staggered return to classes and reaffirmed the commitment of the student community to take advantage of this opportunity to complement with practice what was learned virtually.


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