Hint to Macky? Mati explains her perfection

This week we witnessed Exatlon Mexico from The Game of Legends, where we had the return of athletes who left an indelible legacy in the most demanding lands and beaches of Mexican television.

During each of the duels, the former participants showed that they still have the ‘touch’ to conquer this season, proof of this are two wins in three days of competition.

One of the most beloved athletes, Mati Álvarez, demonstrated the reason why she won three consecutive trophies, as she was key to winning the last prize, which was $ 10,000.

And although the competition was close, the team of legends formed by Evelyn Guijarro, Javi Márquez, Jazmín Hernández, Keno Martell, Valery Carranza, Ernesto and Aristeo Cázares, in addition to Terminator, triumphed.

Mati Álvarez talks about his new experience

After an amazing performance in the Game of Legends, Mati Álvarez shared with all his followers an emotional message about his return to the enchanting beaches of Exatlón México.

He revealed that for the first time he was losing hope of winning the duel; however the team was convinced that that night the victory would be theirs.

“Ernesto gave us very deep words of love and from there, the magic began to happen,” he said.

With a doubtful score and a lot of fear, Aristeo and Mati were ready to give that long-awaited victory. The athlete assured that she never thought she had so much chemistry with her partner, who at all times pushed her to get ahead and win despite the score.

“The trust and love of a great team make everything possible, we are a legend,” he said in a message that many fans indicated was dedicated to the New Generation team, specifically for Macky.


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