Formula 1 drivers who have declared themselves Americanists

The excitement for the start of Mexican GP is on the rise and is that the Formula 1 finally returned to our country after a difficult 2020 for the Covid-19 pandemic. The pilots not only will they relate to the people, the food and what surrounds the CDMX, but some have ties with Liga MX, particularly with América.

The America club, most winning team in Liga MX, has followers all over the world but there is a very special group within Formula 1 that follows them, because they have declared themselves Americanists and have generated all kinds of reactions.

What pilots support America?

Czech Pérez

Inside of Formula 1 it is known in a way that Checo Pérez, Mexican Red Bull driver, he is a faithful follower of the Eagles, because on different occasions he has been seen with his shirt, in the stadium and sending messages of support.

Czech even revealed that as a child he wanted to play in America, a fact that could not be but gave way to be one of the most outstanding drivers in Formula 1. He has never hidden his fanaticism for the Eagles and even jokes about it.

“Why am I going to America? Because I know about soccer (laughs) America has always been my team, since I was a child. I have followed them, I watch their matches and it is a team whose colors I feel, ”said Checo Pérez a few years ago.

Daniel Ricciardo

The new member of the group of Americanists in Formula 1 is the McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo, who in this 2021 Mexican GP made it clear that he will support America.

On interview out of his team’s garage, They asked him if he already supported a Liga MX team, a fact that he had not considered; He asked which were the local teams (of the CDMX) and this answered.

I haven’t done it yet, to be honest. I think a few years ago I came there was a game and I saw something on television, but I don’t support any team yet, What teams are there? Who should I support in Mexico? (…) In Australia, my soccer team is the “Eagles”, so it will be “Eagles of America””, He mentioned.

Ricciardo’s tribute to Jorge Campos

At 2019 Mexican GP, Daniel Ricciardo surprised all the fans by arriving with an unusual outfit and is that the F1 driver arrived with a very Jorge Campos-style sweatshirt, with the colors that characterized it.

This Postcard is and will continue to be one of the most remembered of this event of motorsport present in our country.


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