Ferretti: With Thauvin’s $ 25 million worth, I put together a super team

Mexico City /

Ricardo Ferretti returned to Monterrey this friday for face Tigers on the Day 17 of Apertura 2021 and did his thing at the Monterrey airport, where compared the courage of Florian Thauvin with the investment he can make in Bravos.

“If Tigres pays it, I can take it, with a player that they hired in Tigres de 25 million dollars, I put together a super team in Braves. One only cost 25 million, “he said.

About him welcome waiting at the University Stadium, Tuca doesn’t expect me to applaud him the auriazul fans, but he assured that he has them a lot of thanks after 11 years consecutive times he was as a feline strategist.

“It is not something that worries me, perhaps the question is not how they will receive me, the problem is how am I going to receive them andor… as always, with much affection and with much gratitude. I can’t expect a coach from the opposing team to applaud him, but yes I can applaud you inside of me, like all the years that I was in the institution ”, he added.

The mustache does not expect any recognition from the club this Saturday in the University Stadium, where it will now lead to FC Juárez, a team that will seek to close its participation in the tournament by adding its fifth victory, although it looks complicated because they are measured in fourth place in calcification.


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