Fans block Río Churubusco due to the delay in accessing practices

The Mexican Grand Prix generated chaos in the vicinity of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, so that in Gate 8, they were not allowed to enter the public.

In social networks videos circulate where the annoyed public is observed, since the organizers banned them from enteringSome arrived as early as eight in the morning and have not been able to access the Formula 1 event.

As a protest against disorganization and as a form of pressure, some of those present blocked Rio Churubusco generating road chaos in the area.

The official account of Twitter of the Mexican Grand Prix issued a position until 11:09 a.m., to announce that they were about to open the door 8 and all those affected will be compensated for the delay, for this they will have to go to the information modules.

Other Twitter users shared that they managed to enter, however, they They prohibited going up to the stands because there are problems in the structure.


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