Criticism of Ancelotti, justified at Real Madrid

One of the most important factors that a coach must take into account when designing their different teams is fatigue. The physical limit of elite footballers is very high, but it is one of the factors that most obviously prevents the creation of different teams.

It is the case of this Real Madrid by Carlo Ancelotti, that before the overload of parties has an important team and many names to be able to make different eleven and be competitive in all parties.

However, the reality is that the Italian coach is not managing to perform this crucial task in the way he should. His team is almost always very similar and many players are reaching the physical limit.

Unacceptable turnover shortage

In the last Real Madrid game against Shakhtar Donetsk, the team was very tired and presented a simply sad image. The center of the field was a constant hole with and without the ball, neither Luka Modric nor Toni Kroos contributed something in attack or defense, in addition to the overload that players such as Casemiro or Vinícius.

With 3 competitions ahead and with the need to reach the final stretch of the season with freshness, which is when the titles are at stake, the management that Carletto is carrying out right now is not, by any means, the one indicated.


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